Inspiration, Music, Motivation

Yelena Balabanova

           Inspiration, Music, Motivation

 Truly wondrous playing!

...unbelievable clarity...aware of every note and its meaning in the phrase...selfless, honest approach to the music and its message...fingers disappeared and the more important illusion of SOUND as an orchestral possibility, emerged. Yelena's playing transported us.

Deborah Dewey, pianist, Seattle, WA

Dr. Balabanova, pianist and teacher, is absolutely captivating. As the first notes of her imaginative program emerge from the piano, you know you are in for a magical performance. Her sense of musicality, combined with a solid singing tone is extraordinary. But beyond that, she has a way of clarifying the underlying structure of a piece to enhance its beauty as well as to lead the listener to greater depths of appreciation and enjoyment.

Charles P. Cabell, Jr., President, Amateur Pianists International

The piano concert, performed by Yelena Balabanova, was gorgeous... with depth and emotion... sensational performance. Colorado Springs Symphony Guild, CO

Extraordinary performance of outstanding difficulty program. Robert Spillman, Prof. Emeritus, CU-Boulder

Dr. Balabanova generously shared her personal experience and knowledge during workshop on Stage Fright. Practical tips supported by scientific facts were very helpful and left the whole group of teachers hoping to see Yelena again and again with workshops on other subjects. Mills Music Piano Teachers Club,

Bothell, WA

I’ve learned so much! You’ve inspired me and renewed my love of the piano. Maxine Fawsett-Heske, DMA, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Thank you for the wonderful presentation, most educational, informative and enjoyable. FRMTA Members, Colorado Springs, CO

I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation you gave to PPMTA on Russian Method of Piano Teaching. Can’t wait to start using your ideas. Jill Hanrahan, NCTM, CSMTA Conference Chairman

My student was especially grateful and said that of all master teachers she had over the years Dr Balabanova was the most helpful! Frances Goei, EMTA Vice-president, Edmonds, WA